Construction of Acorn Alley II Moving Quickly

Construction of Acorn Alley II Moving Quickly

By Matt Fredmonsky Email the author March 21, 2011

Work continues on the extension of Ron Burbick’s popular Acorn Alley redevelopment Construction on Acorn Alley II picked up steam with last week’s warm weather as workers poured concrete for the main foundation walls of the new buildings.

The project is being managed by Metis Construction Services, located in Brimfield.

Like his first project, Acorn Alley, developer Ron Burbick is keeping much of the work local to Kent or Portage County. Many of the job’s contractors, including masons and other workers, are just a short drive from the construction site.

In the next three weeks, Metis officials expect to see steel rising and taking the shape of the upper floors of the new buildings.