Value, Speed or Quality…

…which 2 do you want? Sound (or feel) familiar? It’s the construction industry’s status quo client experience. You want a quality project delivered within a tight timeline, you’re going to pay a premium. Or, let’s say, you’re at the mercy of a strict budget and schedule; then quality is likely to suffer. Oh well, you can’t have it all, right? Wrong. The pursuit of excellence may be less profitable than the pursuit of “bigness,” but it’s a far more rewarding venture. With an emphasis of Quality over Quantity, Metis Construction Services delivers tailored, expert construction services to diverse industries. So whether it’s an interior/exterior renovation, building addition or new ground up construction project, we’ll deliver what you want – a quality project completed on time and within your budget.

Project Spotlight:

Emerging Business Award


2009 was not an ideal year to start a business—especially a Northeast Ohio based construction company. However, from shared office space occupied by two employees (both principals), Metis Construction Services didn’t passively weather The Great Recession; we dug in, worked harder and built what is today a growing, energetic business. Metis’ success hasn’t gone unnoticed, either. Recently, we were recognized by The Greater Akron Chamber of Commerce's Small Business Council with the Emerging Business Award.