Value, Speed or Quality…

…which 2 do you want? Sound (or feel) familiar? It’s the construction industry’s status quo client experience. You want a quality project delivered within a tight timeline, you’re going to pay a premium. Or, let’s say, you’re at the mercy of a strict budget and schedule; then quality is likely to suffer. Oh well, you can’t have it all, right? Wrong. The pursuit of excellence may be less profitable than the pursuit of “bigness,” but it’s a far more rewarding venture. With an emphasis of Quality over Quantity, Metis Construction Services delivers tailored, expert construction services to diverse industries. So whether it’s an interior/exterior renovation, building addition or new ground up construction project, we’ll deliver what you want – a quality project completed on time and within your budget.

Project Spotlight:

Aurora Farms Premium Outlets Restroom Renovations

In 2018, Metis Construction Services completed the restroom renovations at Aurora Farms Premium Outlets in Aurora, Ohio. The project consisted of the complete demolition and reconstruction of 2 sets of men/women restrooms and vending areas in the east end shopping area of the complex. Working in an existing building which is also occupied can sometimes be a challenge, from keeping the facility up and running during construction to finding unexpected situations once the work starts. A successful project requires communication and cooperation from the entire team. While the project was well developed in the design phase, there were many unforeseen items that needed to be worked through during the construction phase of the project. The Metis team, let by in-office Project Manager Ed Huelish, with on-site coordination by Ed Fernandez, alongside Aurora Farms Maintenance Manager Bob Patterson and the entire Aurora Farms team, did a great job working through redesigns on the fly that were required to accommodate the needs of the project. This is a great example of how a team consisting of the Owner, the General Contractor and the Sub Contractors can work together through patience, persistence and effort to produce a successful outcome.